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If you thought LinkedIn was just about networking you would be dead wrong.

LinkedIn ads have the power to deliver impactful results for any digital marketing campaign.


As a LinkedIn marketing agency, we’ve got the skills to level up your next LinkedIn ad campaign.

Our expert team will drive traffic, find new leads, and accelerate brand awareness and potential sales.

So when you think of your next LinkedIn Marketing campaign, think SkyX!

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Comprehensive Set Up

When you team up with SkyX, you unlock a comprehensive LinkedIn campaign setup & execution. That way you can rest assured that your next LinkedIn marketing campaign is set for success! 


Ongoing Optimization

Throughout your LinkedIn marketing campaign, we’ll analyse and identify new industry trends and rich insights, that way we can evolve and implement the best practices to stay ahead of your competitors. This ensures your LinkedIn ads are seen at the right time, by the right people!


Transparent Reporting

We are committed to providing our clients with a transparent report. We generate reports that look at your data holistically, diving into the intricacies of your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

The data in these reports are continuously updated in order to gain insights and respond accordingly. In addition, your reports are easily available, that way you can see the success of your LinkedIn Ad campaign. 

Always Be Testing

Our LinkedIn Ads Specialists will run experiments and A/B tests to understand what is effective and what is a waste of time. This includes testing new audiences, engaging creatives, and campaign strategy.

By doing this, we ensure your next LinkedIn marketing campaign is at its most effective state. Meaning an increase in engagement, sale conversions, and minimisation of risk.

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    LinkedIn Ads are a form of paid advertising on the LinkedIn platform. They allow businesses to target a professional audience based on factors like job title, industry, company size, and more. Advertisers create campaigns using LinkedIn Campaign Manager, selecting objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, or website visits. The ads appear in users’ LinkedIn feeds, on the sidebar, or within LinkedIn Messaging.

    LinkedIn Ads offer a unique opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience of professionals and decision-makers. They are effective for B2B marketing, recruitment efforts, and establishing thought leadership within your industry. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, promote your content, or build brand awareness, LinkedIn Ads provide a platform for precise targeting and engagement.

    LinkedIn offers various ad formats, including Sponsored Content (native ads within the feed), Sponsored InMail (personalized messages to users’ inboxes), Display Ads (visible on the right-hand side), and Dynamic Ads (personalized ads with user-specific details). Each format serves different objectives, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your campaign goals.

    The cost of LinkedIn Ads varies based on factors such as targeting parameters, bid strategy, ad format, and competition. Advertisers can set daily or total campaign budgets. It’s recommended to start with a budget that aligns with your goals and gradually optimize based on ad performance. Keep in mind that LinkedIn Ads generally have a higher cost per click (CPC) compared to other platforms due to the premium nature of the audience.

    LinkedIn provides robust analytics through Campaign Manager. Key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor include click-through rate (CTR), engagement rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. These metrics help you assess the effectiveness of your ads and make informed decisions about optimization. Regular monitoring and testing different ad elements can help improve your campaign’s performance over time.

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